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Easiest Ways to Find an HGV Driver Job in UK

HGV Driver Job Description

HGV drivers work with goods that cannot be carried by regular lorries (smaller vans), as they have a higher weight limit than a regular van. HGV drivers move items between factories and ports, shops, wholesalers and businesses.

HGV drivers’ main tasks include driving heavy goods vehicles and assisting with loading and unloading the cargo. They also have to check the vehicle (including the trailers) for safety, ensuring that any documentation is completed properly and delivered on time, along with keeping relevant records.

Day to day duties will include:

  • Delivering products to customers on time.
  • Loading and unloading vehicles
  • Completing paperwork as required
  • Dealing with the public in a friendly manner

HGV Driver Salary

There are excellent opportunities for people who want to become HGV drivers and build a successful career in this field. There will be plenty of jobs available for those who have little or no experience. The pay rates are also very good even for newbie drivers who just passed their Class 2 test (class C). Experienced drivers with Class 1 (class A) license can earn up to £40,000 per year or more in some cases.

A truck driver compensation relies upon the degree of preparation you’ve reached, the kind of products you’re shipping, the distances you’ll travel, and the region where you’ll be working.

Thus, for instance, you’ll regularly observe that wages in London are marginally higher than they are somewhere else in the country in light of the fact that the living expenses in the capital are higher and compensation for all positions will generally be higher here. However, by and large, the scope of wages you can expect for various HGV driving positions range from a low of £23,000 to a high of £37,000, with a normal of around £30,000.

How to Get an HGV Driver Job in UK?

Whether you are in the UK or moving from another country to the UK, it is very easy to get an HGV driver job in UK. Here are some of the best ways for finding a good HGV driver job with a good salary and benefits.

The best way to start your HGV driving career is by getting a truck driving training program. This can be done through a trucking school or private training program. There are many truck driving schools in the UK offering a wide range of courses to suit all budgets, locations, and requirements. Many trucking companies will offer free training programs, but they are usually limited to people who want to work for their company.

The first thing you will need to do is decide which trucking company you want to work for. You should check out any company that you are interested in working for before you apply for any jobs as some companies may require specific experience before they hire you. Once you have decided on a few different companies, look around online for information about each one, including their website and reviews from other drivers and customers.

Make sure that the company has been established for at least five years as this will give you an idea of whether or not they offer quality service and experience. Also ask them about their insurance policy

There is a huge shortage of HGV drivers in the UK. According to estimates, there will be over 60,000 vacancies by 2020. There are various reasons for this shortage. One of them is that many drivers are retiring and leaving the industry. Another reason is that companies are constantly expanding their businesses and they need more drivers to meet demand.

How to Apply for HGV Driver Job?

If you’re considering becoming a HGV driver, whether it’s part-time or full-time work, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a great career, with high wages and lots of freedom being out on the road.

The UK is a great place to be an HGV driver. With many of the world’s largest companies headquartered in London, large cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, and a multitude of small businesses around the country, there’s no shortage of jobs to be found.

To help you find your next HGV driver job, we have some tips for making sure that you can get yourself on the right road to success.

  • Make a list of all the places where you would like to work.
  • Prepare your resume. The resume should to be redone for each work.

It’s often assumed that the most common way of finding HGV driver jobs in the UK is by looking through newspapers, contacting agencies and going to job centers. The truth is that many of the best drivers are recruited directly by companies because they have such a huge need for HGV drivers.

This will mean you are at the top of their list when a vacancy comes up and that you get first choice about where you would like to work. A number of companies use this method and it’s a great way to ensure you find the best job for you.

If you’re looking for a new HGV driver job in the UK, you may be wondering where to start. There are obviously many different ways to go about it, but we’ve outlined the most common and effective way of finding HGV driver jobs in the UK.

The most common way of finding HGV driver jobs in the UK is by applying for them online. This is because there are many different companies that need HGV drivers, so if you apply online you’ll find that there are a large number of jobs available to apply for.

In order to find a good company to work for, you’ll need to look around and see which ones offer the best pay and benefits. You can do this by using a search engine or by asking other people who have worked with a particular company before.

When looking at companies that offer jobs, make sure that they’re reputable and not just offering jobs for people who don’t have any experience driving heavy goods vehicles. It’s important to check out their track record before making your decision.

The most common way of finding HGV driver jobs in the UK is to keep an eye on the classifieds section of the local newspaper, which will have all kinds of advertisements for jobs across a number of industries.

While these days, online classified websites which more popular than the local newspaper and can be scoured at any time from the comfort of one’s home, it is still a good idea to keep your ear to the ground and listen out for word-of-mouth recommendations about vacancies for HGV driver jobs.

HGV Driver Recruitment Agencies in UK

If you are still having trouble finding work as an HGV driver, you should consider registering with a recruitment agency that specializes in this area. Recruitment agencies will often have a number of different roles available and you can register with them with no obligation to take any particular position.

Finally, it is always worth dropping off your CV directly at companies that may need HGV drivers and asking if they have any vacancies or would be willing to keep your CV on file in case a position becomes available.

  • Prepare a cover letter for each position you apply for.
  • Find people who work at companies you want to work for and ask if they can help you get an interview.

Search for jobs online, through employment agencies and also keep your eyes open for signs on the doors of businesses that say “Help wanted” or “Now hiring”

If you’re looking for an HGV driver job in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of HGV driving jobs available in all parts of the UK. You can trust us to find the perfect job for your skills and experience.

Here are a lot of agencies working in UK, however few of well-known agencies are as follow:

HGV Driver Jobs for Females

  • Trucking is an industry that has always been known to be a male dominated industry. Men have been driving trucks for decades but now there seems to have been a shift in the industry and more women are being seen behind the wheel of a truck.
  • Women are now looking for HGV driver jobs as it becomes more and more difficult for them to find careers in other fields. Women are realizing that truck driving has many benefits, not only does it allow them to travel and see different places but it can be a very lucrative career.

What Are Basic Requirements and Skills for HGV Driver?

Weighty Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers transport products between areas. They move things for providers and clients, locally, broadly and globally. As a lorry driver, you will spend a lot of time on the road, carrying out deliveries and collections. HGV drivers travel long distances which can lead to a lot of travelling time in the cab of the vehicle. This can cause high levels of physical and mental strain so it’s important to be fit, healthy and well rested before starting work.

As HGV driver job requirements, a driving license is essential. In addition to this, you will also need to take a specific training, which can last at least 46 hours. To get this qualification, you will need to do the compulsory 1 day CPC course and then attend further courses based on where you want to drive (eg goods vehicles, tankers or buses). The aim of these courses is to ensure that all drivers are competent in their driving and can transport goods safely and the rules of the road.

Some desirable skills are as:

  1. A good standard of education and literacy
  2. Knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance
  3. Good communication and customer service skills
  4. Map-reading skills for longer journeys
  5. The ability to cope with paperwork and administration
  6. Experience of working in a similar role within the transport industry is essential.
  7. They should be able to follow instructions.
  8. They should have good problem solving abilities.
  9. They should be polite and respectful towards people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  10. They must possess great patience as they have to drive for long hours at a stretch, sometimes even for weeks on end without any break.
  11. They should be able to work under pressure as they often have to meet deadlines if they are delivering goods or products that need to reach their destination within a specific time period.
  12. Knowledge of driving laws in UK
  13. Class 1 HGV license and CPC qualification, held for a minimum of 12 months.
  14. At least 6 months driving experience in a similar role.
  15. Flexibility to work on bank holidays and at weekends as required.
  16. A polite, courteous and professional manner at all times.

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