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How Much Does Foodservice Distribution Truck Drivers Make in UK?

The food distribution industry is a foundational industry that reaches across the entire food chain. It provides the vital link between farmers, processors, manufacturers and retailers. The food distribution business has grown significantly over the past 10 years due to the tremendous growth in the foodservice industry.

Distributors maintain facilities that store large quantities of product which enables them to provide just-in-time delivery to their customers.

Distributors use multiple delivery vehicles from large semi-trucks with lift gates to straight trucks with pallet jacks to make deliveries. They may offer dry goods (packaged foods), produce (fresh fruits and vegetables), frozen foods, refrigerated foods (meats/poultry/dairy) or a combination of these items.

The drivers are responsible for getting the trucks loaded and unloaded in a timely manner. They also must check that they are delivering the correct food to the correct store, and they have to keep track of their paperwork so it matches up with billing.

Often the most overlooked part of the fast food experience is the delivery driver. The delivery driver is a very important part of the fast food business.  A truck driver will have to have good knowledge of the roadways in their area and also be able to follow directions from maps if needed. They are also responsible for picking up any supplies on time, as well as delivering them to each restaurant on time. A delivery driver must be able to get along with people from different levels within the organization and also be able to communicate effectively with others.

Foodservice Distribution Delivery Drivers Responsibilities

Foodservice Distribution Delivery Drivers Responsibilities

As a food distributor truck driver, you can expect to spend your day driving a truck to deliver food and other products to local businesses. These might include grocery stores, restaurants, and other types of retail establishments. You may also be responsible for unloading boxes from the back of your truck and carrying them into warehouses or storage rooms. You may even do some stocking shelves during a delivery.

The job as a food distributor truck driver is not that difficult nowadays with better road conditions and vehicle features and capabilities. The job requires knowledge of how to operate a large vehicle safely on the roadways. This is especially important when delivering in cities with heavy traffic or poor road conditions. Food distributor truck drivers must also have good customer service skills to work closely with businesses and people in the field each day.

A typical day in the life of a Food Distributor Truck Driver might include:

  • Delivering food supplies to customers in trucks.
  • Selling items to clients and gathering money.
  • Taking care of the truck, making sure it’s kept in good functioning order.
  • Keeping accurate records of deliveries, expenses, driving time and other information.
  • Unloading products from the truck with a forklift or by hand.

Foodservice Distribution Truck Drivers Salaries in UK

A food distributor truck driver is responsible for delivering things to customers. Responsibilities include cargo loading and offloading, using a tractor-trailer in a safe manner, keeping track of all shipments and pickups, maintaining vehicles, and maintaining records. The average annual salary for a food distributor truck driver in the UK is £25,000 as of 2011.

The annual mean wage for truck drivers transporting food goods in the United Kingdom was 20,000 pounds as of July 2011, according to the job website Simply Hired.

Truck drivers who haul food products are typically employed by companies that distribute food to supermarkets, restaurants and other retailers. These companies make deliveries in large cities as well as smaller towns throughout the U.K. Some specialize in delivering food to a particular type of retailer or particular types of foods, such as meat or produce. In some cases, a truck driver who transports food products may be an employee of a food retailer, such as a supermarket chain.

According to, the pay range for food distributors was between £17,500 and £32,300 a year as of April 2011. The average salary was around £22,500 a year.

Drivers with additional certifications or specializations may earn higher incomes than the reported averages according to’s survey results.

Average Truck Drivers Salaries in UK

The average truck driver in the United Kingdom earns about £26,000 per year, assuming a 45-hour work week. This is about £12 per hour. Of course, like many jobs, pay for truck drivers can vary depending on experience and employer.

Drivers deliver a wide range of commodities from one area to another. The majority of drivers are long-haul truckers who drive trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 26,000 pounds, which includes the vehicle, passengers, and cargo. These drivers transport goods across interstate routes, which can occasionally involve multiple states. Other truck drivers operate in a local area, making frequent deliveries and pickups within a 100-mile radius of their distribution center.

Truck Drivers Job Opportunities in UK

HGV Truck Driver Job Opportunities

The job outlook is positive for truck driving because the shortage of workers is expected to continue as many current drivers reach retirement age and fewer young people choose to enter the profession.

If you’re after a job with regular hours and decent pay, then driving a truck could be ideal career for you. You’ll get lots of travel around the UK and Europe, often stopping at different locations each day. Majority of driver work 45 and 55 hours a week, but some can work up to 70 hours a week.

The top 3 highest paying regions for HGV Truck drivers in UK are:

  1. East Midlands
  2. West Midlands
  3. Yorkshire and the Humber


The job of a truck driver requires heavy lifting and hours of driving so that you can get from one place to another. As a food distributor, you will deliver goods from the manufacturing and processing facilities to warehousing. To do this, you need to be sure that the loads will not damage during transit. There are two types of trucks used for transporting goods – refrigerated trucks and dry vans. The refrigerated trucks keep the temperature cool for perishables and groceries, whereas dry vans are used for carrying other supplies such as building materials or paper products.  

Each business is different and pays its drivers differently, however, the median salary for food distributors is between £17,500 and £36000 per year.

Driver’s salary may also depend on their years of experience and the size of the company for which they work. Wage also may be higher for those who operate their own trucks, or who work for smaller companies.

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