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Importance & Benefits of Team Truck Driving

What you will find here:

  • What is Team Trucking?
  • Earning as a Team Driver
  • Benefits of Team Truck Driving
    1. Better quality work
    2. Higher productivity levels
    3. Team drivers are more likely to earn more money
    4. You are not Alone
    5. It’s More Smart and Safe
    6. Other Benefits of working as a team
  • How to Be a Great Team
  • Conclusion
Truck Drivers Team

What is Team Trucking?

The definition of what a team truck driver is has evolved over the years as technology and transportation industries have changed. In short, a team truck driver is someone who drives a tractor-trailer with trailer(s) in close proximity to another driver(s) in such a way that they are able to provide mutual support during their round trip.

It is a class of driver who operates a commercial truck with a winter-ready hook-up. The truck is usually outfitted so it can be driven by two people at once, the idea being that one person drives the truck while the other sleeps. Team trucking began when two guys had an idea to double their earnings by taking turns a driving and sleeping in between.

These drives trucks that are used to deliver goods of a certain product type. However, it is also common for truck drivers to transport any number of things including food, chemicals, or building materials.

Earning as a Team Driver

A team driver’s average working week is around 50 hours with an average annual salary of £41,000.

A team trucking is an economic model in which a group of drivers (an owner-operators) share the use of a tractor and trailer. Team drivers today can make never less than £1,000 per week.

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Benefits of Team Truck Driving

2 truck drivers stand in front of their truck

Trucking companies and drivers understand that working together as a team is the best way to achieve success. However, there are many other benefits to working as a team in the trucking industry.

1.Better Quality Work

Teamwork helps to create better quality work. This is because when working as a team, there are more eyes on the project or task at hand. This means there is less chance of an error being made or of an issue being missed. Teamwork also means that different skills are brought together to help get things done. For example, if you have a driver with great customer service skills and a driver with a technical background, they can work together to find an efficient solution to any problems they encounter along their journey.

2. Higher Productivity Levels

If you want your business to succeed, you need to be productive. To do this, you need your employees to all be pulling in the same direction and working toward the same goal. When people work as a team, their productivity levels increase significantly. This is because everyone wants to help out and do their part for the good of the company, rather than just looking out for themselves and what is best for them personally.

3. Team Drivers Are More Likely to Earn More Money

Team driving jobs are ideal if you need to make more money quickly, either because you have a lot of debt or because you want to save up for something expensive (a house, a new car) sooner rather than later.

Team drivers make more money than solo drivers, but they also drive much more. Team drivers’ pay is based on a percentage of what the truck earns, not miles traveled or hours worked. So team drivers are paid for every mile the truck goes, whether they’re driving it or not.

4. You are not Alone

The team driver is not alone. He has with him a co-driver, who also navigates and records the route information. The co-driver, who may be called upon to drive if the team driver reaches his limits of fatigue or becomes sick, must have an excellent knowledge of both vehicle and carefree driving technique so that he can take over the wheel in any conditions.

5. It’s More Smart and Safe

Team driving reduces boredom and fatigue by keeping drivers alert and engaged. Multiple studies have shown that team drivers sleep better and get more shut-eye than solo drivers. In this way they become efficient and have safe drive.

6. Other Benefits of Working as a Team

  • Every member of the team should know what he/she needs to do and have to have a goal in mind.
  •  Every member of the team has to be focused and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.
  • This will help them to complete their task on time and with high quality.
  • Teamwork helps people to build relationship and share experience with each other.
  •  This will also improve their confidence level, which will help them to perform better. 
  • Members of the team have different roles within the group, but they all work together as one unit towards a common goal.
  • Solo drivers often have to eat on the road, which can be difficult to do safely. Team driving allows for a mess-free meal because one driver is always at the wheel and focused on the road.

How to Be a Great Teammate

A teacher telling truck drivers how to be a great team

Because teamwork is so important, it will help you to develop the skills you need for success. Best advice on how to be a great teammate are:

Be respectful. Respect yourself and respect each other. When two people are working together well, it creates an environment where everyone can do their best work.

Be reliable. Reliability shows respect for your teammates, your managers and most importantly, your customers. Everybody wants to know that they can count on you to do your job well and to do it on time.

Be adaptable. The road comes with its share of obstacles. That’s why it’s important to be flexible and adaptable as a team member in the trucking industry. With adaptability comes resilience – another key trait of successful teams in any field of work – but especially truck.


With a versatile range of services and perfectly-maintained fleet and transportation vehicles, Team Trucking is the team you can trust with all your logistics needs!

The trucking industry is indeed a very tough field with many tough rules to follow. There are strict regulations that one must obey in order to be successful. One of the key points in being a successful hauler or truck driver is having good communication with fellow team members and bosses. If you have the right kind of people around you, you will, without a doubt, have an easier time doing your job. The final and most important point, is having fun while you work and not taking any situation too seriously outside of work because in the end remember that it’s only a job.

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